Ahad, 6 Januari 2013


I'm not a batman
Neither an Iron Man
But I'm your man
You can call me your superman
(Don't laugh)

I can't fly
I can't bring you to the sky
But I'm rich like a Batman
Yes, I'm rich with love
Or you still can choose diamond
(Don't laugh)

I'm a hero
Without a mask or a cape
Just a hero
Just for you

I don't have built body like the Captain
Just a six pack, been wrapped by fat
But I'm like a Spidey
Pulling you to me

Lighten your day, I'm the Green Lantern
The ring your wore lighten my day
Your favourite colour is green, the colour of me, the tough guy
But mine is purple, the colour of you
Just don't let me get jealous of you