Selasa, 24 Februari 2015


Annoyed with this sickening place, he booked a flight ticket.
Come to his surprise, the price hiked like there's no tomorrow.

Well not really, but it's the end of Chinese New Year holiday. And again, to his surprise, more Penangites, and Subangrian (as it were a name) were from here. So as an proud outsider, he cursed inside.

"Why in the world lah this place still want to annoy me till the very end?".

And yes folks, that was the clean version. I can turn it to the explicit version, but I won't because it's Maghrib here, at the place where the hearts are.

But still he bought it after a phone call with his financial sponsor, Dad.

So at last, he escaped from all the bullshits happened here.

Yeah, that's all. Just needing to say, I need to get my sanity back.